How to Tell If You Are Addicted to Social Media

As a generation, we are doomed. And so are our children! We spend many hours each day reading countless social media posts, and scrolling down until we reach the end of the queue. But the main problem is that…the queue never ends!

The explanation is simple: the number of social media accounts is constantly growing. This means that there is more and more information to consume each day! Data Alliance has created a graph that shows the approximate number of users for the top five social media sites – take a look!

So, how can you tell if you’re addicted to social media? First of all, think about your regular activities throughout the day. Do you wake up with a pressing purge to check your Facebook page? Do you waste a few hours each day exploring various #hashtags and looking at your friends’ newest Instagram pictures? If the answers are affirmative, you may have a problem. Let’s break it down into easier to digest social media addiction signs and symptoms.

One of the definitions of compulsive behavior is the desire to repeat a specific action over and over, whenever it is possible to do it. Translated to social media, this may explain your urge to check those feeds in almost any situation, even while you are talking to a real person.

How do you fix this problem? Strive to check the latest social media updates only while you are waiting in line, or when you’re having a coffee on your own. Another idea is to check what your Facebook friends are doing during your lunch time break.

Social media addictions can lead to marital problems as well. While it’s OK to look up a former colleague on LinkedIn while waiting for an egg to boil, it is toxic to do things like these for hours at home, rather than spending time with your partner.

To fix this issue, decide together that you will not use your phones or tablets at home during certain intervals, unless there’s a pressing need to break the rule.

Some social media addicts can ruin everyone’s experience by taking lots of pictures during a fun sightseeing event, for example. Actually, taking those pictures is okay, but compulsively posting them on 10 social media sites during the event, along with “oh man, we’re having so much fun” comments is definitely not.

If you exhibit a similar behavior, get rid of this problem for good by taking as many pictures as you need, but posting them afterwards, when the momentum has died down.

Okay, I think that I have given you enough pointers; you should know if you’re a social media addict by now. But how do you get rid of this addiction?

Let’s start with a radical measure: delete the social media apps that are installed on your phone. Wow, that is quite abrupt, isn’t it? If you are super addicted to social media, this may be the only solution you’ve got at your disposal!

Fear not, though; I’m not trying to turn you into the saddest person on Earth, and make you lose those thousands of cherished virtual friends. No, I’m just saying that you should take a break from social media sites for a few weeks, and uninstalling those social media applications will help you resist the temptation.

If you can’t do that, or if social media is just a hobby for you, and not an immediate threat, you can get more control over your time by turning off all social media notifications and alerts. To gain even more peace of mind and keep your boss happy, you should turn off your smartphone’s virtual data switch while you are at work. This way, you will only get phone calls and text messages (SMS) from 9 to 5. And if you’re brave enough, do the same thing for an hour in the evening, and spend this precious time with your wife and kids.

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